Friday, November 21, 2014

Feminism is for everybody! questioning Thanksgiving and more ....

Katie will be giving a talk and leading a seminar in Sweden over the next two weeks. You can see what she will be doing on her talksite here:  

Cheyenne and Sara will take over after Thanksgiving in their own special way! Katie will be back in time for the last week of classes and to hear all about how you are analyzing your learning nowadays! Be sure to check out the rest of this post and the TABS to know what to do! 

From the National Museum of the American Indian: questions about Thanksgiving?  



Tuesday, 25 November – NO CLASS but there is viewing to do online! 
STEINEM & HOOKS VIDEO see link below (scroll down): this great conversation is all about just how feminism is for everybody. Be sure you have watched ALL of it by now! Watch it again and again! 
• Note hooks description on the Wikipedia:  
• Note Steinem description on the Wikipedia:
• Her professional site:  

Tuesday, 2 December – Visions for Justice 
• Look over any stuff in Reed, Perez, Freeland you haven’t gotten to yet 
• If possible finish up your book 5 or at least read an additional chapter. 
• Refresh your memory after having read Butler
What are all these books about now you’ve worked with both and done projects that tie you into the insights they want to share with us? How do they each speak to the idea that feminism is for everybody? What feminist worlds do they open? Which aspects of Women’s Studies do you glimpse from these? How do they offer versions of intersectionality, feminist identities, visions of social justice?

Tuesday, 2 December – Sharing Feminisms – LAST DAY! 
• DUE ASS. #4: Final redrafted and edited version of your Learning Analysis: logbook 4 + hardcopy in class; electronic copies to TA – REMEMBER YOU WON’T GET CREDIT FOR ANY WORK IN THE COURSE WITHOUT TURNING IN LOGBOOK 4!
Our class will share learning analyses today in class. You must be present to get credit for this assignment! 

Hear bell hooks talk about internalized oppression and Gloria Steinem agreeing and disagreeing with her about many feminist issues: a great conversation that illuminates a lot about the folks of the 70s women's movements. Enjoy! • You will want to have watched the WHOLE video by 25 November (and the Q&A at the end is really wonderful too!) Watch it again when you are writing your final Learning Analysis (which is Assignment 4).




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