Sunday, November 16, 2014

Making, Sharing, Demonstrating, Offering, Reflecting, Caring

Tuesday, 18 November – Offerings
• Look at artists in Perez, Ch1&5. Pick the artwork that speaks to you most. Read about it.
• DUE ASS. #3: Intersectional project & logbook 3

Today we will learn about each other’s projects in a poster-session style event!

You will not be handing the project itself in (if it is a poster or a physical art project). Keep it and cherish it! Take pictures to document your project (which is what artists put into their portfolios too) and email them to your TA. If it’s something electronic, send us links, screenshots, or anything else so that your TA will have a record of what you have done.


Projects are shared in class poster session-style on Tuesday 18 November. 

At first we will set everything up, creating small displays of our work all around our room. Silently we will go around and look at everything, take notes on what we notice, learn about, like, have questions about, anything that allows us to pay attention now and interact next.  

Then half the class will stand with their displays while the other half will walk around among these displays, talking to their presenters about their work individually and in little groups, interacting with them all at the same time. Katie and your TAs will also wander around, learning about your work and offering insights. Then who displays and who walks around will switch so that everyone will have had a chance to both display and walk around and interact. 

During the third part of class, we will create a discussion about what we have noticed about each others’ projects and what we have learned from sharing our thinking and action and art activisms! 

We may have time at the end of class also to discuss the final experience set and the final assignment, the learning analysis. Both are up on the class website for you to consider and make plans about for the final section of the course. 

Remember that you cannot get full credit for assignment three until after you present your work in this poster session-style event. In other words, just a project object does not in itself complete the assignment: reflection and writing as well as displaying yours and interacting with others is similarly important. If an emergency or illness has kept you from participation today, to get full credit you will have to meet with three other students to share your work and their work outside class, and write up the experience and what you learned from it to complete the participation portion of that grade. 

1. set up: be sure you have signed in!!
2. silently everyone goes around and looks at everything and takes notes.
3. half of the class stands with projects and other half goes around and talks with folks, takes more notes. 
4. other half class does the same. 
5. we all discuss projects and what we learned from them: be sure you can say specific things about particular projects and know the names of the folks who created it. 
6. speak to what about intersectionality became clearer because of the project you did. what became clearer because of what you see in someone else's project. 

7. the rest of the class and the learning analysis. 

=what is the argument of the class?
=name a reading that made a difference to you. what difference did it make and why?


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